April 10, 2019

Should You Order A Wedding Album?

I’ll eliminate the suspense right from the start and cut right to the chase…yes,, you should absolutely order a wedding album! They are a beautiful way to showcase your wedding day, aside from prints on your walls.

Should you order a wedding album

They can certainly be an investment, but they’re well worth the money.

If you think about it, they encapsulate your day in a hardbound book, made with high quality materials and handmade craftsmanship that you can have to forever reflect back on!

Some of my couples opt-out of having a wedding album made because they think they will do it themselves.

I had the same thought process when I was a bride. I mean, there’s so much on your mind, it’s easier to just say, “I’ll do it later.”

But take it from me…dare I say it, I’ve yet to create an album for my husband and I. Crazy, I know!

I’ve created one for my parents and plenty of my couples, but somehow, not us!

Unfortunately, it seems to be the home project that’s never at the top of my list.

If I could do it again, I would definitely have had our photographers create one for us because it can be a ridiculous amount of image overwhelm when trying to create one on your own.

Think about it…your photographer has legitimately spent hours going through and editing your images. They’ll be able to create a cohesive album that tells the story of your day with a lot more ease!

On that note, I’m going to list 5 benefits to having a wedding album created for you, because I feel that strongly about it!

I even have a dedicated web page for my couples to select their album preferences to make ordering it nice and easy.

Here’s why I think it’s important to have a wedding album created for you.
1. It’s a lasting heirloom to pass down.

These albums aren’t cheap, but they’re made to last. Every couple is different and no two weddings are the same. Your wedding album should be made to fit your unique style and allow you to relive your wedding day over and over again. It’s more than some book that collects dust on your coffee table, it’s a work of art!

2. It’s a beautiful way to display your images and tell the story of your day.

Albums are a truly beautiful way to display your wedding images. Their lay flat pages are designed to create a flow and show the story of your day.

You know why it won’t collect dust on your coffee table? Because your guests will constantly be picking it up to look through! It’s the perfect conversation starter and a fun way to relive your favorite moments.

3. It lets you print way more images than you could possibly hang on your walls.

You will likely hang photos in your house from your wedding day, but you couldn’t possibly put all of them up as (1) you don’t hand endless wall space and (2) you don’t want to have your entire home covered in wedding photos!

Having an album created allows you to use so many more images and have them to easily look back on!

4. It keeps you from forgetting about your USB or gallery link.

Don’t think I don’t know that your wedding gallery USB or link often gets lost in the clutter! Believe me, I get it!

After time has gone on, it will feel like a lot more work to dig through your stuff and queue it up!

Having an album takes those images offline and into your hands. Especially in today’s digital age, there is really nothing better than having your images in tangible form.

5. It saves you tons of time and removes the pressure of creating one.

You’ve already invested a significant amount into your photographer, so leave the album designing to them, too!

With the sheer number of images from your wedding day, it’s going to be overwhelming to try to narrow them down and select which images should go on which page.

You can always provide input and direction to your photographer, but this way, the pressure is off of you to get it done!

I’d even suggest ordering two albums, because a wedding album can make an incredible thank you gift for your parents or anyone else who significantly contributed to your day.

See?? Definitely worth it!

Past brides… I’m curious – did you get an album created after your wedding? Future brides…what are you planning to do? Weigh in below!

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