July 14, 2019

Munden Point Engagement Session

Chase and Tori

You will often find these two cuddled up laughing over a picnic at Munden Point Park so it was only fitting that their engagement session be at the same spot they spend so many day dates. They pack up some snacks, subs from Harris Teeter, and a bottle of their favorite champagne and sit under a tree. I’d say that is a pretty good day date if you ask me.

Chase proposed to Tori this past December and I had the honor of capturing it for them. Hidden from her sight, Chase planned the perfect surprise. They are now planning their wedding this fall. They are quite a pair. They both are so fun to be around with their natural goofiness yet they have sweet side too. It goes without saying we had fun for their engagement session as we dodged a storm. We met earlier than planned to hopefully shoot between two rain bands and as we pulled into the park the rain just stopped. It was pretty odd and amazing at the same time. The sun came out and we had so much fun together.

I absolutely can not wait for their fall wedding!!

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