April 16, 2019

How Not to Be Awkward in Your Engagement Photos

How to not be awkward in your engagement photos

Whenever it comes time to talk about planning an engagement session, a lot of my couples are quick to share how they tend to feel awkward having their photo taken.

It can be a big deterrent from even getting photos taken at all, but I’m here to set the record straight.

Your engagement photos don’t have to be stiff! They shouldn’t intimidate you or cause you stress.

Your photographer should make you feel at ease, relaxed, and gently guide you into natural movements that help create moments that truly capture your relationship.

Not just a series of uncomfortable poses!

But I get that it can be hard. We’re not all Instagram models who are used to striking a pose in front of the camera on the regular.

So my hope is that after reading the below you can start to shift your perspective and feel more like yourself in front of the camera.

So here are 4 ways to not be awkward in your engagement photos:

  • Trust your photographer: Beyond anything else, know that you hired a professional to capture this special time in your lives. You’ll need to trust them to capture aspects of your story!

That includes trusting their judgment and their guidance in planning and executing your images. Speaking from the experience I provide my couples with, I help guide them through education beforehand, and make session itself fun!

By having a relationship with my couples, I’m able to get a feel for who they are and what they care about. My couples, laugh, play, and walk away feeling like they were able to really enjoy themselves.

I like to make them think and give them prompts to create natural movements and convey emotion. I have spent years perfecting, refining and developing the experience I create for my couples so that they couldn’t possibly feel awkward!

Trusting your photographer is key to getting images you love and that truly reflect your own unique relationship!

  • Be in the moment: This is not only a chance to get amazing images but it is also a chance to break away from wedding planning and connect.  While your photographer guides you through the session, you can focus on what matters most…the two of you and your love story!

Take a deep breath, soak in the moments where you don’t have to make a decision on where Joe sits at the reception, or yet another flower to add to the bouquet.

This time is for soaking in the season you’re in and stopping to reflect on how it all feels!

There are no expectations. Just live IN the moment so you can look back at this season and FEEL what it’s like to walk hand-in-hand through your engagement. You’re about to embark on your biggest adventure thus far!

  • Have a drink beforehand: Honestly, a little liquid courage never hurts.  Sometimes a drink will calm the nerves and help you to be at ease.

Maybe plan to head to a place nearby to grab a drink beforehand.  Heck, your photographer can join you and capture that too!

  • Be prepared to have fun: This portion of your engagement should be memorable and exciting!

Think of it as the three of us just hanging out and getting to know each other

even better! This gives me further insight into the two of you as a couple and

allows me to get the best possible images on your wedding day.

Awesome images are the end result, but the whole process should be fun and carefree.

My goal going into each engagement session and wedding day is not to just capture moments but to capture moments that are meaningful to my individual couples!

This is all about the two of you! So there’s no need to feel awkward, okay?

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