April 30, 2019

5 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

5 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day by Coastal Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Friske Photography
5 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day by Coastal Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Friske Photography

With all of the wedding planning behind you and the big day finally in sight, it’s time for one of the most exciting parts…getting ready!

There are still a few things for you to think about to ensure you feel your best and get the shots you love.

Your photographer will be there to help lead you through a lot of that, but here are some things for you to keep in mind, both when deciding on the front end where you’ll get ready, and then the actual day of!

  1. Consider the light.

A getting ready room should be full of natural light.  This helps with photographs but also your hair and makeup! Having natural light coming in produces beautiful light for your photographer to work with so they can capture your beautiful face, candid moments hanging with your bridesmaids, and all of your special little details. And then, who could forget the much anticipated moment when you slip into your wedding dress?!

     2) Have all your details together for your photographer.

By doing this ahead of time, you will not only be able to ensure you have everything in one place for your peace of mind, but it will be ready to go for when your photographer arrives! That way they can get right to work and not miss any other potential moments!

I know I like to start the day with these details. I even serves as a bit of a warm up where I get to test out the lighting, settings, and get a feel for the group.

You will definitely want to have these styled photographs to look back on, and it allows you and your bridal party to get comfortable with me being there!

Below is a quick sample checklist of what you may want to have all laid out!

  • All 3 rings
  • Invitation suite
  • Jewelry
  • Personal Flowers and loose flowers for styling
  • Sentimental tokens
  • Shoes
  • Perfume
  • Your “somethings” – (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…)

(3) A hair and makeup schedule for you and your girls.

If you have a wedding planner, they will most likely help you think through this, along with your hair and makeup stylist, but a schedule is important to keep everyone on track!

Make sure you’ve checked in with your bridesmaids and know who wants what done when it comes to hair and makeup and be sure to leave enough time for your own, with some fun pictures to follow!

(4) Bubbly & snackies are a must!

A hungry bridal party is not a happy bridal party, so make sure you and your girls have some snacks to enjoy the day and power through the ceremony! Plus, it’s your wedding day! What better occasion to pop some daytime bubbly and ease the nerves?

(5) Keep the tunes going.

Nothing kills a mood more than a quiet getting ready room. You should be jamming out and celebrating with your girls! Laugh, celebrate, and enjoy being pampered. Today is all about you, so soak up every moment!

I hope this helps you feel prepared and excited to get ready! You are going to love it!

5 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day by Coastal Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Friske Photography



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