February 9, 2018

5 Things to Look For in a Wedding Photographer

What to look for in a wedding photographer

When looking for a wedding photographer it can be overwhelming with all the options and styles there are out there. Everyone has their share of talent and a different approach to what they provide their couples.

Regardless of who you chose and what you prefer, today I’m sharing 5 things to look for in a wedding photographer.


  • Connection:

Look for points of connection when you review their website, social media, and wedding websites.  Are there points of interest that resonate with you? Do you have a lot in common? You don’t have to be best friends with your wedding photographer but it is important to share some similarities so you can feel connected to them.  When you’re connected to the person photographing you, you have a bond.  That bond creates a sense of comfort. When you’re comfortable with your photographer, you will feel natural in front of the camera and love your images as a result. Your wedding day is quite personal so you want to feel comfortable with your photographer from the get-go.

I am a coastal soul who lives better with sand between my toes.  This is because I feel at peace when I feel small next to the ocean.  I strive for a simpler life, where the ocean is the beauty. while I can’t go to the beach everyday, I surround myself with coastal touches because they bring joy to my life and make me feel at home.  The beach makes me happy because I am outside.  I believe in marriage. I married my best friend.  Life can be messy and while it’s not always a day at the beach, the waves in marriage make us stronger every day.  Each new wave we catch, we catch together because we are a team.  

  • Heart:

Is it evident to see their heart in their business? What makes them different? Every photographer can have the same equipment, website feel, and content to share with you, but everyone is their own person with a heart to serve couples in their unique way.  Look for ways they share their heart.  Read their blog posts.  How do they talk about their clients?  Can you feel the heart and love behind what they do? Heart is passion, friends!  Heart is what sets them apart.  You’ll want to look for photographer with your same heart for marriage!


  • Style:

Do you like their style? There are so many beautiful styles of photography out there so it’s important to love their style just as much it is to love them as a person. For example, do you like dark and moody, light and airy, or soft and romantic; documentary, or fine art and filmy? Pay attention to their coloring, lighting and style.  Most photographers work hard at developing their style in editing.  They often don’t stray from it.


  • Consistency:

This one goes along with style.  Is their work consistent or all over the place? Their editing style is definitive to their work and should be consistent in all the shoots they do.  Yes, weddings have all kinds of lighting situations, but you should find consistency throughout their work rather than being haphazard between weddings with light and airy edits and then dark and moody edits. It’s important to set your expectations on the kind of edits and style of shooting you will receive on your wedding day.  


  • Professionalism:

With any vendor, it’s important they show a level of professionalism.  Do they have insurance and a business license?  Do they hold themselves in a professional manner? Do they conduct their business ethically? Do they have a professional website? Are they showcasing themselves online and through social media in a purposeful and professional way? These are important questions because you’re doing business with them!  Aside from the transaction, you want to work with someone who can perform to the level of your expectations and provide you with the experience and results you desire.


  • Reviews:

Read their reviews and what others are saying about them.  Reviews will often lend to their character and a past client’s experience with them. You’ll also get an idea of how clients FEEL about their wedding photos.


There you have it, friends – my 5 Things to Look For in a Wedding Photographer!

What do you think? What are your must-have attributes for a photographer?



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