June 12, 2019

What’s in My Beach Bag

The season of Orange Crushes, long days, and sandy nights is just about here and I’m excited as ever to make sure my beach bag is ready to grab at a moment’s notice!

Not that the winter can keep me away from the ocean for long, it’s obviously better when I can leave with a tan and that blissfully exhausted feeling of sun-soaked skin.

As a regular beach go-er, I’ve gotten it down to a few essentials for a session near the salty sea.

Here’s what I’m packing up in my beach bag:

  • A Beach Chair – I know it’s one more thing to carry across the hot sand, but isn’t it always worth it? It keeps my drink from getting sandy and the pup from crawling all over me, even though he still tries! Plus with a good reclining one, there’s really no better nap!

Here’s a great option.

If you are looking for some fun chairs like below give Business and Pleasure and look and use promo code (BP15) to get 15% off. They recently restocked and have so many fun beach luxury items. They come with a price tag but the quality is amazing!

I also love a good Tommy Bahama Beach chair. Everyday throw down chair that you aren’t afraid to mess up.

  • Umbrella – When you’re a regular beach go-er, you do have to start thinking about all of that sun exposure! Sometimes a little bit of shade is all you need to let yourself stay out there longer and not feel like your skin is paying for it! Besides, they can be cute as can be!

I love this one from Business and Pleasure (BP15)!!

  • Sunscreen – That brings me to the next essential…sunscreen! I use a solid SPF (at least 30+) and make sure to re-apply after swimming or every few hours. There are tons of options these days, so thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find a good one.

I’m a sun bum gal and super goop!

  • Chapstick – This one goes right along with my sunscreen. Have you ever forgotten to apply chapstick during a whole day at the beach? Ugh, it’s awful. Lesson learned forever!
  • Insulated Cup – There’s nothing like getting all the way out to a nice spot on the beach, only to realize you’re without a beverage. I ensure I have a big water, and depending on the day, an Orange Crush is my go-to, or a glass of rose’

Yeti cups are my go to!

  • Towel – This might be an obvious one, but not all towels are alike! I love a good oversized one where the hubby and I can sit together, or I can create a blanket-like area for snacks and hanging out!

Here’s a good one for that, and here’s one if you like a lighter, quick-drying one.

Sand cloud are my favorite as they give back to the environment and marine conversation.

  • Hair Detangler & Wet Brush – For all of you with silky smooth, stick straight hair out there, I envy you when it comes to swimming at the beach. I have to make sure I have some detangler and a wet brush on hand or these long, tangly locks of mine will be a big ‘ol mess!

That’s about it! I’d love to hear…what’s in your beach bag for a day in the sun?


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