February 19, 2018

What To Do With Your Images Tangible Tips to Maximize Use

What to do with Your Images

Now a days, photos are used more for sharing on social media than they are for anything else.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your images shouldn’t just live on your computer and be used to share with your Facebook friends/followers on the “gram”.  There are so many ways to utilize your images and I am sharing a few ways you can know what to do with your images.

Guest Book

Engagement photos are the perfect way to showcase part of your love story at your wedding by creating a guest book for your guests to give you wedding wishes.  It is a clean way to showcase your session and knock out the guest book at the same time. There are so many great ways to create guest books now a days. Check out Artifact Uprising for example.




These images represent the everyday side of your love story.  You may be a bit more dressed up than lounging on the couch but you aren’t in wedding attire and they tend to be a bit more relaxed.  Utilize these images to decorate your home.  




A way to keep your guests informed about the plans for your big day besides the invitation, is to create a wedding website.  This is a great tool to share information, brag about your wedding party, share your love story with your tribe and tell details of the proposal that may go into more depth than a casual conversation.  Also, people love to see images of the happy couple and help you celebrate along the way.  


Social Media


I mentioned this in the beginning, but you can always share your favorites online whether that looks like Facebook or Instagram.  People love following along in your story and what is happening throughout your engagement or life in general.  I just ask that if you do share online, please tag me with a photo credit and please don’t filter the images.  


Save the Date


This is a common use for announcing your wedding date with your guests so they can prepare in advance.  Using your engagement photos are a great way to do so!


Hope you found this helpful for ways to use your engagement session images!

Leave me a comment below if you have found other ways to use them!

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