April 29, 2018

Virginia Beach North End Rooftop Engagement Megan + Reece



Virginia Beach North End Rooftop Engagement

Megan + Reece

Even though these two went to high school together, it wasn’t until years later where they connected at on of their go to spots, Chicks. They bonded over a dinner a few nights later and have been inseparable ever since.  Date nights for Megan and Reece look a lot like porch dancing and walking on the bay with their sweet lab Layla.  Avid beach people and boat goers, there is not question that these two live a life of adventure and are always laughing.  They take their beach chairs down to the bay, beverage in hand and watch the sunset.  Layla is a beach dog through and through and typically has a frisbee to play with so she wasn’t too happy with this session that didn’t include much time playing.

Megan and Reece’s Virginia Beach North End Rooftop engagement session was so fun! We laughed, popped some bubbly, and enjoy the incredible view of the North End from a private family friend’s beautiful home! I love how playful they are and their pure happiness in these photos!

I met Reece in Elementary school and to see him this happy is something else.  I love reconnecting with old friends through this job of mine.  I simply can’t wait till SATURDAY when these two tie the knot in Smithfield!

Congratulations Megan and Reece! I loved our time together and see you so soon as you promise forever together!!



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