January 8, 2019

Tips for Decorating a Coastal Mantle

I am always so shocked that people love my Coastal Christmas Series and when ever I post anything related to my coastal decor. I find decorating relaxing and refreshing. I grew up rearranging my room all the time. I would move furniture by myself to give the room a whole new look. This meant that I would move furniture across the hard wood floors (sorry Mom)… now that I am older, I realize that wasn’t the best idea. Not at all to sound full of myself, but people say I have a knack for decorating and have missed my calling. I just love making our house a home and truly reflect our (well my) style. I have consistent colors I love paired with pieces I have collected over the years. I like to combined old with the new and always stay relatively simple (most of the time). I have a slight obsession with Pottery Barn and love a good sale. In fact, our local Pottery Barn is closing as they opened a new one…so I saw they have everything for 40% off. I scored a few pieces that I love and got a major deal on them. So today I am going to share with you 5 tips for Decorating a Coastal Mantle. These are not by any means a professional tips but a few things I have learned with pairing things together. Use Complimentary Colors/Consistent Colors I usually use similar coloring in my decorating. Grays, Neutrals, Woods, Whites, and Seafoam. This allows me to easily change things up without having to completely redo a room. Items can transition from room to room effortlessly. Pops of color like sea greens and blues are a perfect pop that adds my style to the space. When styling a mantle, you don’t need a ton going on but maintaining similar colors that compliment each other makes for a consistent and cohesive mantle. Have a focal point By having a central focus item… whether that be a piece of art or larger frame, you have something to build around. For this particular version of my mantle I chose to keep my Seahorse pallet art as the focal point. I centered the wood and built from there. This is not to say your focal point has to be at center. Just a main piece that draws your eye in. Find Balance Amongst all the things you can add to the mantle. With your eyes look for balance. Try and adjust as needed. Move around to search for the best balance that doesn’t lead the eye to too much on one side and not enough of the other. Balance out heights of objects and frames. Avoid Symmetry I am not one for having things too symmetrical. My mom always taught me ot avoid even numbers when it comes to decorating. Everything should come in odd numbers as to not make it too put together. I like things in three or just one. This is of course my opinion and how my brain thinks. Include Texture. My last tip is to add texture. Texture is a fun way to bring life to your space. Texture adds dimension and a spunk of sass. I usually do this by adding in faux plants, actual house plants, or coral of some kind.
I hope these tips were helpful!! Tell me below if you found this helpful as well as if there are other decorating topics that you would love to see in this space. So tell me should we paint our fireplace white? Tell me below!

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