February 10, 2018

Preparing Your Fiancé for Your Engagement Session Tips to Help Him Feel More Comfortable

Prepping Your Fiance` for Your Engagement Session

Tips to help him feel more Comfortable.

Having your picture taken isn’t always natural especially for your guy.  But who says he has to be awkward or feel emasculated? I try to make it fun and keep it light. While I guide you into to poses, I make my sessions less about the right positions and more about how you both interact as a couple.

Today I am sharing a few things to help prepare your fiancé for your session. 


  • Expect to Kiss a Lot:

I am sure he is going to like this one! You both are excited and in love.  It is only natural to show a bit of affection.  Don’t worry you won’t be kissing the whole time but expect to get some smooching in!


  • All You Have to Do is Be Yourself:

Don’t be afraid to have fun with each other.  It’s the perfect time to flirt, joke around, and be a little silly. While I love a good romantic moment, I also love the moments that reflect your relationship – the dancing, the bear hugs, the tickling, the playful banter, and especially the laughter.


  • You Can Have a Beverage to Take the Edge Off.

It’s okay to get some liquid courage.  That doesn’t mean a LOT of drinks, but something to take the edge off is a-okay with me! I want you leaving saying, “That was so fun and easy!”  I don’t expect models… I have no expectations of stuff like that! I want ya’ll to have fun and get lost in your moment as it is.


  • You Will Need to Interact:

One thing I try to do during each session and during the wedding day is to create moments for you to interact.  Not like… “Okay now act natural”.  NO. I help guide you into a natural interaction that helps you feel at ease to be yourselves.  That may mean taking a moment to chat together and exchanging kisses here and there. I’ll give you talking points or something to do.  This helps you forget you are being photographed and helps you truly enjoy the moment.


  • You May Need to Change Clothes in the Car or Where You Feel Comfortable.

Lastly, this is more of a PSA if you plan to change outfits. Just know that you don’t always have an option to change in an actual bathroom.  That may mean in your car or somewhere secluded.  I would never ask you to do something you weren’t comfortable with.  We’ll make it work!


Share these “heads up” pointers with your guy and he’ll quickly see there’s nothing to be nervous about. I can’t wait to see you behind the lens!


With love,


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