June 18, 2019

Pleasure House Point Summertime Engagement

Kayla and Matt

They met in middle school and pretty much know everything there is to know about each other. After a photography classes together in High School they became fast friends. Over the years they have developed this bond that is both playful, heartwarming, and supportive. Supportive and loving with each other and Aubrey, Kayla’s 10 year old daughter. They are so looking forward to being married and being partners together for life. Both outdoor people, Kayla and Matt thrive when they are either at the beach or in Matt’s case, the pool. They love exploring and catching a date night at either Big Sam’s or Waterman’s. In fact, they are getting married at Waterman’s this fall!

Matt proposed in a way that was so them while including Aubrey in the process. They had gone to dinner earlier that night and once at home, he asked Aubrey if she would help, she was so excited to partake but in true Aubrey fashion… backed out. While not exactly planned for that particular evening, he knew he HAD to do it that night, or Aubrey would spill the beans. They sat on the couch and he began to the tell the story and Kayla can’t really recall what else was said other that YES!

I am so excited for their wedding day this fall!

Congratulations Kayla and Matt!!

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