August 3, 2017

Pleasure House Point Engagements Taylor + Pete

Pleasure House Point Engagements

Taylor + Pete

I finally got to meet these two in person this past weekend it was just like we were old friends.  Taylor and Pete’s Pleasure House Point Engagements were so much fun! We chatted, bonded over our dogs, and got to know each other more.  These two love living down at the Oceanfront.  Biking, grilling, and just living that beach lifestyle has their hearts!  They love cooking and enjoying wine and cheeses.  When I first spoke with them, they described their relationship as easy… they just work because it just makes sense.

Pete proposed in the Outer Banks and thought of all the details.  Lot’s of things seemed to fall into place because of fate.  These two share so many special moments and their laughter is contagious! They seem to just get lost in each others eyes and make each other feel just where they are meant to be.  We walked around the park with Boone in hand and soaked in the beautiful summer air.

I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding day this fall! It truly is an honor to finally meet you both in person and I can’t wait to capture your love story on your big day!

Congrats Taylor and Pete!


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