July 6, 2017

Pleasure House Point Anniversary Session Carissa + John

Carissa and John Celebrated their FIVE year wedding anniversary a few weeks back and we captured their now with a session on a warm summer night.  It was such a honor to spend the evening with these two, their little one, Maddy Mae and their German Shepard, Django. This Pleasure House Point Anniversary session was the perfect way to celebration their love and their season of their love story as it is now.

They met in Tokyo by accident because John missed his train.  He ended up running to Carissa and they talked for hours.  They became lost in each other’s conversation that they both lost track of time.  From there, as they say it, the rest is history.  They grew together into a love that is beautiful to witness and they have the most adorable little girl.  Wait till you see her with her dog.

Pleasure House Point Anniversary Session

Carissa + John

Congratulations you two!! Cheers to 5 years and heres to many many more to come!!

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