June 5, 2015

Part Three: My Why…My Marriage

I’ve been leading up to this post.  It is the last part of why I do what I do.  It is funny how I blogged Tuesday about my ‘Ten Year Dating Anniversary’…as it is the perfect prelude to conclude my purpose in my business.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, after Creative at Heart, I knew I needed to define my reason I do this whole photography thing.  We all have our stories and backgrounds.  We all have our reasons.  There are so many talented photographers out there and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle! To fully be present in my business and give all that I can to my clients, there has to be more than just beautiful images.  There has to be soul behind it.

The last part of my why is based on my husband.  Other than my roots (my Grandparents and parents mentioned in the previous WHY post), he is the reason I believe in love.  Our marriage is a key contributor in why I want to focus my business on couples and weddings.  Our love has grown and changed so much over the ten years we have been together.  I am no expert in love or relationships, but I believe in them and I invest in them.  Our marriage is a team.  It is constant work and compromise.  But it is beautiful.  It is real.  It is US.  Our marriage is our story.  It doesn’t prevent us from living and allows us to thrive.  I can lean on him when I need to.  He pushes me beyond my means and wants nothing but the best for our family.  He wants me to be happy.  To be needed.  He wants me to have purpose.  Purpose in life.  He amazes me in his profession.  He is Firefighter and a good one at that.  He is so passionate about what he does, he gives it all he has.  He has done some much training over the past ten years to better himself in the department.  I admire his passion and his willingness to selflessly help others who need it the most.  He runs into burning buildings when everyone else runs out.  He puts his life on the line to care for others and their property.  He has a calling.  He has a purpose.  It is mind blowing the amount he sees and endures.  The accidents and unbelievable calls they go on are often too much to hear.  Fireman, jokingly shake it off with laughs.  They are somewhat of a different bread.  He does not share the bad stories with me.  As a Firefighter’s wife, I often don’t watch the news and try not to worry about him and all he has to go through.

With all that said, I know what it is like to have a purpose in life.  A purpose beyond oneself.  He has that purpose and I needed that too.  I may not save lives or put out fires…but I perserve memories when you need them the most.  Memories of the best day of your life.  Memories to share with family and friends well beyond the day itself.  Moments to help remember.  Moments to cherish.  Moments to pass on.

After all, my husband is the one who encouraged me to get a hobby and pick up a camera.  He is why I started this journey.  It is only until recently  I am understanding why I love this incredible passion I get to give to my clients.  I am not perfect and neither is my husband.  We have our ups and downs.  But isn’t that what life is all about?  Marriage is a journey filled with so many wonderful things and not so wonderful things.  It is a ride!  And I am blessed to live this journey of life with my best friend.  You all have your own stories.  Your Why’s.  Your own love.  That love needs and begs to be shown through images.  Those a tangible take away.  A moment frozen.  A moment for you to look back on and remember exactly what you felt at that moment.

What does this all mean? Why must I explain my WHY and go into so much detail you may be wondering? It is quite simple. In finding why I do what I do, I have found what I love to photograph.  And that is couples. I love capturing LOVE.  It may be cheesy, but love endures, love sustains, and love is beautiful.  It is because of my own marriage  I want to invest in my couples.  I don’t want to just be a hired hand.  I want to be friend when the wedding day comes.  I want to share in the whole engagement experience.  I want you to feel like you can lean on me for more than just photography.  When you are comfortable and can relate to your wedding photographer, you are more comfortable in front of the camera, therefore you are more in love with your images.  I often leave weddings feeling like family.  I make it a point to give hugs to all my couples and their parents.  Your wedding is more than just the commitment you are making to one another, it is the start of the rest of your lives with combined families.  It is a big deal.  A huge celebration and one I pour my heart into.  I cry at weddings.  All weddings.  I feel connected to my couples, their stories, and their family and friends.

This is all why I am gearing my business and focus towards couples.  I am excited to offer something I haven’t really offered in the past.  I’ve done a few but I’ve never really promoted them in a big way.  I am excited to offer Anniversary sessions.  Your wedding day is the start of your marriage but there is so much that happens after your wedding.  These session offer you and your spouse a chance to reconnect.  To enjoy each other and celebrate your ups and downs.  The journey you have endured so far.  It is chance to get powerful images that show growth and strength in your relationship.  This isn’t a new concept but I am pouring myself into my couples whether they are newly engaged or married for years.  Each couple has a story and it deserves to be captured to showcase all the love that is shared between the two of you.  Marriage is hard.  It takes a lot to keep love alive.  It isn’t always easy.  It isn’t always fun.  But if hard work is there and love is worth it…It can be the most amazing journey of your life.  Together we can make this session more than just images.  I have packages for wedding clients that now include this session so we can meet a year later and capture some more moments together.  I am truly over the moon about this and I can’t wait to continue the Wedding Experience beyond the day of the wedding.  We can make this an experience you will never forget.  If you are interested in this type of session…please email me.  I am excited to share in your story and invest in your relationship.

You can expect the following from me:

  • Love on you and invest in giving you an amazing experience from the engagement session to the wedding and beyond future Anniversary Sessions.
  • Cry tears of joy for you and your marriage!
  • Make it a point to learn your story.  I want to be your friend.  I want to keep in touch with you after the wedding is over. I will cheer you on when you reach milestones in your marriage, when your family grows and your love expands deeper!
  • And above all, provide you genuine images that embrace the love you have for each other and the wonderful moments in between! These moments are not stiff…they are natural interactions that showcase your love!  They are the beautiful moments in between soft kisses.  They are the gazes exchanged and the bear hugs.  They are the gentle hair sweeps and loving embraces.


I am excited about the direction that my business is going and I can’t wait to interact with all my amazing couples this year and next!


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