June 5, 2017

We are off to ICELAND…

We are off to Iceland

We are Off to ICELAND…

I can’t believe it is here… we fly out tomorrow to Iceland for a once in a lifetime trip.  We are beyond excited and a little in shock that it is actually happening.  I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of oh my gosh moments over the next 7 days.  We have lots of things to do while we are there but lots of room to just figure out the lay of the land.  We are just excited to explore in a whole new way and experience a different way of traveling than our typical tropical trips that we are use to.  We typically travel to white sandy beaches and enjoy beach life with tropical drinks but not this time.  We craved an adventure and guys I think we are going to get it.  Volcanos, cliffs, black sand beaches, geysers, natural hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, o my!!

While you know I will be taking pictures, my goal is to be as present as possible but there may be some insta stories happening here and there, so if you aren’t already following along with me, you should head on over to instagram and follow along with our adventures.

Once we get back, there will be a whole lot of the trip on the blog and I can’t wait to share all of adventures with you guys!

If you have been, I’d love to hear the must do’s so we don’t miss anything.  We will be exploring mainly South Iceland.  Comment below and I’d love to hear about your tips!!

Otherwise, we will see you friends next week!!

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