May 7, 2019

My Why (Part One)

The more I dig deep into why I do this wonderful gift of photography, the more I comprehend the value and lasting impact of photographs. They really are so much more than pretty pictures, they are the lifeblood and the legacy we carry through our lives!

They tell our stories when we can’t. They freeze time to carry our story long after we are gone. They go beyond the amazing outfits we picked out and our stunning wedding gowns.

They represent YOU and your love story that will be carried down for generations. It’s these stories that shape our hearts and guide us to live a life we strive for.

This post isn’t meant to be sappy, just heartfelt! In this series, you will hear why marriages are so important to me and why these unions are what I want to capture – not just as the marriage starts, but as it grows!

As a business owner, I care about sharing the why behind what I do, because otherwise, my work falls short, the experience I create for my couples is lackluster, and it’s easy to lose sight of my purpose.

I really want my clients and potential clients to know why I do what I do, because it’s a huge part of what makes me different and creates a bond between us based on shared values.

I’ll be the first to admit, there are so many photographers who are equally as talented or even more so! And yet, we all have a place and we all have a purpose. My story is different from the next photographer.  Just like their story is different than mine!

I care deeply about connecting and relating to my clients, so it’s about time I peel back the layers and allow my clients to see ME for ME and not just another photographer who takes pretty pictures.

I am a storyteller who wholeheartedly believes that the final gallery isn’t just a product of a session, wedding, or moment. It’s about the experience that happens while the images are being taken and the foundation that becomes embedded in those images. We’re literally able to freeze a memory so it doesn’t fade away with time!

There’s nothing like looking back on them years later and being flooded with all the feels! It’s as if we’re experiencing that moment all over again.

I thank my lucky stars to have been brought up in a loving home where I was encouraged to be myself and embrace my creativity. My family helped instill a drive in me to be something more. They are a big part of why I do photography and my roots in every sense of the word.

Because of my family and my upbringing, I am lucky enough to have the capacity to see love in these incredible ways. My grandparents and my parents have shown me that with enough love, respect, and hard work…a lasting and loving marriage is possible! Their influence has shown my how to work at and tend to my own marriage and I want the same thing for everyone.

Unfortunately, It is rare to have lasting love stories these days, and to really believe in a lifetime of unconditional love with your best friend. If you really think about it…it’s pretty indescribable!

What other than photography creates such an amazing ability to tell the story of a moment when we are without words?!

What I also love about photographing weddings is how it brings the family together. Creating an experience for my clients goes beyond just the two of them as the bride and groom, but also their loved ones.

After spending an entire day with (plus the time leading up to the wedding), I feel like I’m a part of the family! That is my absolute favorite.

I want to be the photographer that enhances your special day by greeting your family with grace and poise.

I want to be the photographer that makes sure I say goodbye to your parents and grandparents at the end of the evening with hugs and not handshakes.

My Why by Coastal Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Friske Photography

Your wedding day isn’t just about the two of you getting married…it is about your families coming together and continuing the legacy! My point in all of this is to say that family is everything!

As a photographer, I am invited into one of the most intimate days of your life. It’s where my purpose and story extends to yours as you begin building a life together!

My purpose through photography is to help build relationships and have my couples see their stories as beautiful and real.

We all deserve to have our stories told and valued. These stories start with two people and don’t end on the wedding day.

Thanks for letting my share some of my “why” with you. I’d love to hear yours!

Stay tuned for the next part of this series to uncover more. I’ll be sharing how I first discovered true love was and how I knew I wanted it for myself one day!

With love,



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