June 5, 2017

My Coastal Workspace

My Coastal Workspace

Everyone needs their own space.  Space to create.  Space to be inspired.  My space is a spare bed room that has been a work in progress since we moved in.  My coastal workspace is a place where I feel inspired and where I do my best work.  It may not always look this neat and tidy but the colors calm me and speak to my soul.  The decor and overall feel reflects my style and brand and really helps me harness all the things I know that I have in me to make my dreams a reality.  It is simple and so ME.

It still is a work in progress.  We have yet to replace the carpet.  You may even notice we have two different color carpets.  Look closely.  But this space is a place where I can create.  I can come home from my 8-5 and get to work on building this business of mine.  The dreams happen here.  The brain storming, the editing, the late nights, and all the hard work that goes into be an entrepreneur happens in this little room.  Tears are shed, hard work is done, doubt creeps in but I rise above knowing that I can do this and there is room for me.

So much goes into my business behind the scenes.  Behind the pretty photos you see.  Running a business is hard and not always a walk in the park.  It takes time, dedications, and a whole lot of heart.  But having this little space to help me feel inspired and creative makes all the difference.

So here is a peek into the space where I work when I am not shooting…

I have this weird habit of taking all my rings off when I work at my desk, so my lobster friend keeps them safe! 

A book shelf filled with client gifts, inspirational books, business books, and coastal touches leave me with just the inspiration I need. Funny story… That book, “Big Words You Should Know”, my brother bought this book for me as a gift for my college graduation.  He didn’t think my vocabulary was broad enough! HA! As well as a funny book to keep it light when I need a laugh.

I keep all my fashion books for inspiration from college as well as some business books that I hope to one day finish.  I tend to start books and then never get around to finishing them.  I need to work on that! 

A book that is so simple but I always have close… “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”… I tend to sweat the small stuff here and there and need to read bits of this from time to time. 

When I was a little girl, I drew an angel in on a napkin for my mom and her art partner that they would later make into a pin and called “Beth’s Angel”. This was the start of my creativity and I keep the original as a reminder of the beginning. A driving angel that started from an idea, built by talented hands, and made into something beautiful. Copper wings, a paper mache body and a clay face, this angel is a reminder of what a beginning looks like and what a belief may be.

An idea came to fruition by team work and hope. Much like business… it takes a lot of talent, hard work, drive, and most of all heart. This angel means more than I can put to words so I keep her here to remind me of the beginning of an idea that started from a napkin drawing.

This bouquet from Courtney Inghram is still going strong from our styled Anniversary Session a few weeks ago.  Is isn’t as fresh and I had to get rid of a few flowers but it still looks incredible! 

This guy is always at my feet if not in my lap while I work.  I think he just wants to distract me.  If I am ever on a call, he is always whining.  Poor guys seems to think he doesn’t get enough attention. 

This desk was from when I was a kid and my hubs refinished it along with his talented friends over at Signature Woodworking. 

I am always cuddled up on this chair with a blanket! 

Yes I am the one who buys ridiculously oversized paper clips for no reason at all other than that they are copper. But the stapler was $2.

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