June 18, 2017

Iceland Adventure | Part One

Our Iceland adventure was nothing ordinary.  It was this magical trip that just seems unreal now that we are home.  This beautiful country captivated our wanderlust and had us pinching ourselves that we were really in this insanely gorgeous land.  We felt like we were on another planet.  We would travel from area that resembled the moon to driving a short distance to find ourselves in the foot hills of these gorgeous mountains. Then we found ourselves under these massive waterfalls that took your breath away.  We would then drive to cliffs overlooking beautiful black sand beaches and then we found ourselves in a lagoon of glaciers.  There were sheep and horses everywhere.  It was out of this world and these photos really don’t do the beauty of this country justice.  This travel experience was so fun with my brother and his wife Katie.  We had a blast with them exploring beautiful Iceland, stretching our limits (hyperventilated during a portion of a drive), and experience new and exciting things together.  This trip will be an adventure we will never forget! 

Iceland Adventure | Part One

A Photographer’s Dream

I have to break out our trip in two parts.  Part one will highlight the first half of our adventure including a trip to the Blue Lagoon, Waterfalls, Geysirs, a volcano, a beautiful fishing town, and these cliffs that were so beautiful I just kept saying “WOW”.  Part Two will highlight the last leg of our journey that included Vik, black sand beaches, the most breath taking glaciers and an beach covered in glaciers pieces. There are few words that can really explain all the feels that this adventure brought us but we certainly have a deeper appreciation for nature and all that we were fortunate to explore. When we first arrived in Iceland, we came off an overnight flight from BWI and the time difference put us landing at 1 am our time but it was 5 am Iceland time.  So we were a bit tired but we pushed through the day and explored a bit before checking into Airbnb later that afternoon.  Our first stop was to pick up our rental car.  We got the rental from Geysir.  It was such an easy process and fairly reasonable.  There is a bus that takes you to their office from the airport and it was ready for us when we arrived. First Stop Blue Lagoon.  We had to check this popular place off the list and we are actually glad we experienced it.  It was super relaxing after travel and gave us time to enjoy the lagoon on an otherwise uneventful day.  We then got some lunch and I had the best Fish and Chips I had ever eaten.  Iceland is known for their Cod and man, this lunch was by far my favorite. We then grocery shopped and checked into our Airbnb, took naps, then made dinner while enjoy our beautiful view. I’ll show more of our Airbnb in the Part Two.

Golden Circle

The next day was incredible.  We toured the Golden circle and saw so many amazing sights, breath taking waterfalls, a geysir, and a crater.  Lots of scenic stops along the way and time to soak in all that we were seeing.


Þingvellir is one of the most iconic and popular destinations in Iceland.  The park lies in a rift valley between the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American tectonic plates and the Eurasian.

    These guys were everywhere!  


“Geysir, sometimes known as The Great Geysir, is a geyser in southwestern Iceland. It was the first geyser described in a printed source and the first known to modern Europeans”



“Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. The wide Hvítá rushes southward, and about a kilometer above the falls it turns sharply to the right and flows down into a wide curved three-step “staircase” and then abruptly plunges in two stages (11 meters or 36 feet, and 21 meters or 69 feet) into a crevice 32 meters (105 ft) deep. The crevice, about 20 meters (66 ft) wide and 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) in length, extends perpendicular to the flow of the river. The average amount of water running down the waterfall is 140 cubic meters (4,900 cu ft) per second in the summer and 80 cubic meters (2,800 cu ft) per second in the winter. The highest flood measured was 2,000 cubic meters (71,000 cu ft) per second. As one first approaches the falls, the edge is obscured from view, so that it appears that the river simply vanishes into the earth.”-Wikipedia



“It is believed that Kerid was originally a cone volcano that erupted and and emptied its magma reserve. Once the magma was depleted, the weight of the cone collapsed into an empty magma chamber, later to be filled with water. The Kerid caldera is composed of red volcanic rock and is around 55 m deep, 170 m wide and 270 m across. There is little vegetation in the steep-walled crater, save for one wall with a gentler slope which is covered with deep moss. This wall is fairly easy to descend. The lake itself is fairly shallow and is striking in its beauty. Opaque and aquamarine, surrounded by the red crater walls, Kerid offers a great contrast of colours and a highly impressive scenery.” Guide to Iceland


Snaefelljokull National Park

We drove about 2 1/2 hours north west to this beautiful part of the country to explore this park.  We made a view scenic stops and a few random hikes that were not planned.  


“The beach holds a particular attraction. It has an eroded circular stone arch, called Gatklettur, and three rifts, Hundagja,Midgja and Musagja. The interplay of spectacular waves and the light of the sun creates a fascinating spectacle. Large colonies of the arctic tern also nest in the area.”- Guide to Iceland




“Stykkishólmur is a town and municipality situated in the western part of Iceland, in the northern part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is a center of services and commerce for the area. Most of the people make their living from fishing and tourism. “ Wikipedia

 We ended this day with a food truck stop before hitting the road.  We got some Icelanic hot dogs.  They are really known for their hot dogs and man they are really good! 


This waterfall was gorgeous! You can view it right from the main road “Ring Road” Route 1.  Not only is this waterfall stunning, we were able to walk behind it! What an incredible experience!


We loved this waterfall too!! We climbed to the top of the mountain (which was so many steps) But the hike was well worth the view!   I mean if this doesn’t take your breath away… I’m not sure what will! Naps on top of the world! Stay tuned for next week where I’ll share more of our adventure in Iceland.  Black Sand beaches, glaciers, Icelandic horses and some city views!

**Photos are a mixture of my husband’s photos and mine.  It was so fun to be able to capture this beautiful country with my hubs!! He is really taking a liking to photography and I just love that! 

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