April 6, 2018

How To Be A Better Beach Goer Tips on How You Can Help Save Our Beaches

how to be a better beach goer

How To Be A Better Beach Goer

Tips on How You Can Help Save Our Beaches

It is no secret that our beaches are beautiful.  But they come with a price when they are abused and mistreated.  The environmental impacts play a huge impact on the future of our beloved shores but there are a few things you can do as a beach goer to lessen your impact so everyone can enjoy and ecosystem is impacted because of your action as much.  We often think, “well I am just one person, how much impact can I make” but I encourage you to shift your perspective and think about these tips and share with you friends and family so these often neglected things become more top of mind.

  1. Clean up after yourself.  It goes without saying but unfortunately it really needs to be stressed.  The beaches are not your trash truck.  Do your part and pick up all that you brought, including your trash.  If your beach chair broke, don’t just leave it.  Be respectful on the ocean and the sand.  As the tides come in, the trash that is left cycles back out to sea harming our sea life in adverse ways.
  2. If you see trash pick it up.  Even if it isn’t yours, pick up the trash on the sand to avoid it being swept out to sea.
  3. Reuse and Recycle. Do as much as you can to recycle.  As humans we consume so much plastic and waste and as the population continues to go, the trash problems multiples.  Do your best to recycle want can be recycled.  Reuse bags for groceries and target runs.  Reuse a tumbler for water rather than buying bottle water.  
  4. Feed you not the animals.  It makes me squirm when I see people feeding the seagulls.  Seagulls are not meant to eat your Cheetos and bread.  It isn’t good from them and then they get use to being fed and cause an adverse effect to the area.  
  5. Clean up after your pets. Don’t just toss sand over their mess.  Pick it up.
  6. Change up your sunscreen. Certain chemicals in sunscreens adversely affect the ocean and the reefs.  Read your labels when purchasing sunscreen and opt for more natural options.
  7. Join the Clean Up and get involved. If you are passionate about keeping our beaches beautiful and accessible, do something about it.  Volunteer for a beach clean up, host your own (I am looking into doing this, so comment below if you are interested).  OR donate to non-profits that help the cause…You can do that here by getting involved with Surf Rider Foundation.   

Be an advocate. Think about your actions and do right by the sea.  Encourage others to do the same.  Each one of us plays a part in our environment.  We should be doing more to protect it.

how to be a better beach goer


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