April 23, 2019

How I See Love

How I see love | Coastal Wedding Photographer Elizabeth Friske Photography

I’m a wedding photographer, so naturally, I believe in love…ALL types of love.

Even though my job revolves around love stories, love has always been instilled in my heart. From my grandparents’ relationship to my parents’ marriage to my own love story.

But the beautiful thing is, none of these love stories are outlandish or fairytales by any means. They are all built on one common thing – friendship!

I love the quote: “Love is a friendship set on fire.” Because it’s SO true and I see it in couples around me all the time.

We recently had my parents over for dinner and we were able to chat about their love story. We talked and joked about a lot of things that will eventually make for an entire blog post of their own, but the same foundation rang true…

Marriage to your best friend is a bond built on trust and mutual respect, and it’s so incredibly impactful to your heart!

I felt so thankful to be sitting around the table with my parents who have modeled that kind of relationship for me all of my life. To now be able to relate to it and share with them in it because of my own marriage feels really special.

Believe me, I’m no expert…but I do know what works for us. We certainly aren’t perfect and we have our struggles, but we seem to do really well at finding a balance and being a team.

It takes being friends and loving each other through the good, bad, and the ugly! Sometimes it’s in the bad and ugly moments that you grow the closest. In all of it, we have begun to understand what it means to be better together!

The way I see it, love means a lot of things. But to me, 5 of the most meaningful things you can do to demonstrate love are:

  • Pay attention to the little things
  • Show appreciation and gratitude
  • Give words of affirmation
  • Provide support
  • Be there to comfort

Everyone’s love language is different. We all like to give love and receive love differently. In our marriage, it’s been a process to discover those things, but in that discovery, I’ve also experienced love in a multitude of ways.

Love is staying up too late catching up on one another’s day.

Love is dancing in the kitchen to oldies music and our country jams.

Love is laughing together.

Love is not sweating the small stuff.

Love isn’t about the crazy adventures, it is about who you spend those adventures with.

Love is balance, compromise, and affection.

Love is work!

Love is a friendship with each other and one another’s friends.

Love is dreaming for something more…for something bigger…together!

Love is growing together.

Love is teamwork.

Love is communicating honestly no matter how hard it is.

Love is going through the disappointments to get to the celebrations.

Love doesn’t make you happy, it is the life you build with one another that brings happiness.

Love doesn’t have to be complicated.

Love isn’t about always seeing eye to eye but figuring out a way together.

Love is a beautiful thing and the most incredible gift you can share with someone!

The more weddings I shoot, the longer I’m married, and the more couples I’m around, the more I know, love isn’t a fairy tale. It isn’t all romantic dinners and expensive gifts.  It isn’t spontaneous trips around the world… it’s real life, the tough stuff and the oh so amazing stuff that makes it all worth it.

Love isn’t about a pretty wedding, it’s about a pretty marriage. But you don’t get a pretty marriage without constant work and companionship.

That’s why I feel so lucky to love my best friend. My person. My lobster! 🙂

I believe in marriage so deeply because I know love. It’s why I love this incredible gift of photography. I get to freeze love in it’s beginning chapter. Right in the moment where a lifetime begins.

I get to hold those moments for my couples to look back on long after the honeymoon ends and life takes over. I get to help tell their story and showcase the marriage of two best friends unlike any other. It’s real and it’s inspiring!

This is why I believe love should be captured not only on the wedding day but throughout all the years that come after. Sometimes we all just need the reminder that our marriage began with love. With the two of you, together.

So tell me, what does love mean to you?


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