December 10, 2015

For the Love of Copper | The Why Behind the Element

When I dove into my brand last fall I knew what I wanted.  I knew how I wanted to present my new look to my business… what I didn’t know was why.  Tyler from The Girl Tyler, rocked my world with a brand that spoke to me and resinated with my WHY without knowing it.  My coloring reflects much of the coloring in my home and from our wedding.  It is inspired by the sea and reflects my style to a T.  But when I went to Creative at Heart, I learned something so valuable  A brand isn’t your colors or your fonts… it is YOU.  Who you are and why you do what you do! I hadn’t realized it but the easy part was done… the visual aspect was there! It this digging I needed to do to but the heart behind that beautiful brand I dreamed up with Tyler.  Normally it is done the opposite way but for me, this way worked much better because it is evolving into what I knew it would deep down.  You see, a brand is how you are perceived.  It is a reflection of who you are as a person and a business owner.  It creates consistency and presence.  But it has done so much more than that for me!  My brand has allowed me to define who I am and why I have incorporated these elements, because folks… there is intention.  It is not just because I think my color pallet is pretty or I’m on trend with the use of copper.  No… not at all! It goes deeper than that!


For the love of copper… well that is an interesting thought!


I’ll explain…

Growing up, copper has always been a part of my life.  My Mom is an artist.  She has always created art from since I can remember.  What started as a jewelry company turned into Santas and Angles.  It all began in Church as a kid…I was maybe 6 or so.  I was bored during the service so I doodled… I did what most kids did.  Except, my doodle was an angel.  An angel scribbled on a piece of paper in the pew of Church.  My drawing inspired my Mom and her art partner Perry! They got to thinking… this could be something beautiful.  Let’s make it.  So they got to work and what came of that doodle was ‘Beth’s Angel’.  Below is a photo of the very first one.  It was a hit at craft shows and eventually morphed into larger scale angels and different pieces of art that defined their style and their own brand.  The wings were made from copper and the body from paper mache.  I can remember her in the driveway with a sheet of copper…like a large sheet 20 feet long… hammering the copper down to make it more pliable and authentic.  She used copper for most of her pieces.  Copper pens where used to draw stars and squiggles and copper wire was and still is used to create unique and funky hair on her pieces.  My Mom’s art is different and unique.  It fun and corky.  It has been amazing to see it change over the years and I hope to help make her see how it can be marketed in new ways!

It wasn’t all about my Mom’s use of copper in her art work it was also in her use around the house.  Every room has a copper star, a sentiment we now have in our home, except instead of copper stars, we have star fish.  She uses copper pans to cook with and has all these copper molds as decoration in her kitchen.  Most times my friends associate copper with my Mom.  So when I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted to include a few copper pieces as it speaks to my roots so it just made sense to do the same when it came to my business.  Copper is used in my textures, now embossing, and accents found in my packaging.  It isn’t just ‘on trend’ for me! It isn’t about keeping up with everyone.  It is deeper.  Copper speaks to me because of who I am inspired by… and it all begins with my family.  I get my creativity from my Mom and my Dad.  So having this little piece of them in my business with powerful meaning is close to my heart!


These are a few of her pieces that incorporate copper!

You can find one of these in each room of my parent’s house!

Aren’t these so cool? This is what I meant by hammering copper on the driveway!

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