Carissa and John Celebrated their FIVE year wedding anniversary a few weeks back and we captured their now with a session on a warm summer night.  It was such a honor to spend the evening with these two, their little one, Maddy Mae and their German Shepard, Django. This Pleasure House Point Anniversary session was the […]

I believe whole heartedly in capturing marriages and built in love stories well after the wedding day.  There is so much in life that happens after the flowers die and the cake is eaten.  A new chapter starts and while the newlywed bliss may ware off, the love and foundation remains.  Seasons in marriage deserve […]

I am not an expert in this field and never claim to be but with my own relationship and the couples I serve, I have learned a few things.  Whether you are dating, engaged, or have been married for years…there are few ingredients to keep things alive. Relationships are messy.  They take work, compromise, and […]

I am super excited to share an exciting opportunity for a giveaway. My heart is for marriage and for celebrating marriages.  I believe whole heartily believe in celebrating your love story long after the wedding day.  There is so much LIFE that happens after your wedding day.  You are building a life together, you more […]

Today I am sharing Best of Engagements and Anniversaries in 2016. This past year has been filled with so much love, puppies, and lots of kisses.  I adore all of the couples who choose me to capture this time in their lives!! Some of these couples got married this past year and some are getting […]

The Internet world is so large yet so small at the same time.  I met Mallory on Facebook in a Photography Marketing Course put on by Jenna Kutcher! She reached out asking for a photographer in the Outer Banks area for a week when her and her family would be on vacation.  I only live an […]

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