It is no secret I am a coastal loving wedding photographer who craves elegant beach weddings for those couples who appreciate the sea.  Connecting with couples who share my love for the ocean breathe life into me.  Beach people are different.  They roll with the tides and feel best with that salt air on their skin. […]

My Coastal Workspace Everyone needs their own space.  Space to create.  Space to be inspired.  My space is a spare bed room that has been a work in progress since we moved in.  My coastal workspace is a place where I feel inspired and where I do my best work.  It may not always look […]

I’ve never been a competitive person.  I grew up in a baseball family and I spent most of my time at my brother’s games playing in the dirt or making gum necklaces from the used pieces of Big League from the bleachers (true and absolutely embarrassing story… my parents had to use gasoline to get […]

Goal setting has been pretty difficult for me this year.  Looking back on what worked and what didn’t from the year prior, I have a pretty good gage on how I want the year to go.  But putting those thoughts out into actionable goals to get me there is another story.  Every one seems to […]

With a sea a photographers, you may wonder why all of sudden everyone is a photographer now. And friends that is okay!! Today I am going to tell you why I became a photographer.  It isn’t a glamorous back story but it is mine.  For me it was by accident.  It was the summer of […]

A little later than expected but that is all good!! I am so excited to share that this little business of mine has a new fresh face!!! Both the Blog and Website was beautifully designed by Bonnie from B is for Bonnie Designs.  I am so so grateful for all her hard work over the […]

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