March 1, 2018

Beach Blues

The beach means something different for everyone.  We all take different bits away but those salt air vibes give a commonality to those who love to be by the sea.  The beach provides a sense of therapy, an escape, and slower pace of life.  A place where you feel small next to the vast ocean.  A place that reminds you to put on the breaks and soak in the beauty before you. No matter the season, I encourage you to take a trip to the beach… breathe in that salt air and let the sound of the waves take over your mind. 

Beach Blues

I am sharing a few things that the Beach does for me and may you can relate.  

  • Calms Anxiety.  The ocean has this sense about it.  It can be rough and calm within the same day.  As the tides change, the moods change.  But a common piece is the calmness you feel stepping onto the sand.  Diminishing our anxiety with each step on the sand.  I never realized I had some much anxiety about different aspects of my life until recently.  I knew I was a worry wart but never really thought much of it.  Until I needed a change so much that certain aspects of my life started to deteriorate.  Triggers cause me to stress like most folks.  And I realized that if I just spent some time in the salt air by the sea for just a little bit, that anxiety would go away for a bit.


  • Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is good for you and what better place to get it, sitting on the beach with a good book or watching the waves come in. While going to the beach isn’t the only way to increase your Vitamin D and certainly isn’t enough but every little bit helps.  I find that my mood in the winter is much more blah than in the summer because I’m not outside as much.


  • Switches Perspective. Being at the beach changes your perspective and helps ease your stresses.  This goes hand in hand with my first point.  The tides roll in and out and time seems to slow down.  There isn’t the hustle and bustle happening as you would find off the sand.  You take in your surroundings, look to the horizon, and really absorb nature’s beauty.  You look for shells rather than glued to your phone for email or mindless instagram scrolling.


  • Breathes Life back into your soul. For me, the beach brings me back to life after a long day. I feel better by the sea.  The sound of the waves relaxes me and the salt air puts me in a good mood. I am just better by the sea.

You can’t help but feel happy. Watching children play and build sand castles.  Seeing laughter and joy by the ocean floods your mind with your own childhood memories at the beach.  Seeing dogs frolic in the waves and watching people enjoy the beach as their big wide open playground makes you feel good. For me, I think clearer, I feel better, and I gain creativity.  

How does the beach feel to you… comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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