December 30, 2018

Back Bay Surprise Proposal

Jumping for Joy!!!!

This surprise Back Bay Proposal was one for the books! The thought and determination that guys put into proposal is incredible to be a part of. I am honored to keep secrets for a while and plan with the guys to get the perfect proposal for their girls. Chase had the whole thing nailed down and turned out better than he could have hoped for. We met secretly, exchanged lots of texts, shared our locations via the Find My Friends app, and he did a walk through of the location with video to ensure everything went smooth for Tori.

Being on the other side of this is always so cool to be a part of. A fine balance of offering suggestions and letting them roll with all their ideas makes for the perfect combination. Tori was ear to ear smiles, often jumping up and down, and stealing all the kisses. These two are absolutely perfect together and what a joy it was to be a part of their proposal day. They are up on the blog to share more from their sunny day as they said yes to a lifetime of jump up and down moments and all the tears and kisses that will come their way!

So much thought and effort went into this proposal. A few minor tweaks to the plan to avoid suspicion. I’d say he pulled it off flawlessly. Nice job Chase!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a small part in your day!

Congrats Chase and Tori!!!

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