October 17, 2018

Virginia Beach Cavalier Engagement Session Arielle + Adrian

Virginia Beach Cavalier Engagement Session

Arielle + Adrian

As we walked the Virginia Beach Cavalier, home to their wedding next fall, we laughed and giggled.  These two are so much fun to be around.  Their story began a few years ago and resulted in a proposal in London.  Adrian was so nervous about flying with Arielle’s beautiful ring.  While they spend most of their time a part these days chasing their careers, they hope to be close next year as they become husband and wife.  They enjoy the little time they do have together over long weekends with date nights out to dinner with fun and fancy drinks.  Adrian and Arielle love to travel, in fact they took a trip shortly after they met and knew that their relationship was here to stay.  You know what they say, you learn so much about others when you travel.  Lover of the beach, medicine, and dogs, Arielle and Adrian are my kind of people.

I had so much fun with our time together… walking the beautiful ground and exploring the beach across the street.  I can’t wait for their wedding next fall!

Congratulations Arielle + Adrian!!


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