Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by love. From my grandparents, to my parents, to my own love story…I have known love. My grandparent's love story is straight out of The Notebook. Over the moon for each other and faced with difficult health issues later in life, they taught me what it means to be be there for one another no matter what. My grandmother had a stroke at age 60 and didn't walk again as a result of it. She died at 83 and my grandfather died eight days later due to a broken heart. With that perfect example of love, my husband and I continue to work on building and growing a strong marriage. 

Ironically, it isn’t always about fancy date nights, romantic gestures, and lavish gifts. It is about moments. It’s the quality time spent together doing the things in your life that matter and help tell your story. These fleeting moments, although small, make up the best waves of your life. Because of my roots and my own love story, I’m able to see other’s love stories as they are: beautiful, raw, new, old, built-in, and undeniably special in their own unique way. Love is not limited to the wedding day or the engagement session, but rather, it’s about continually growing and fighting for it every day.

I believe in real love stories not the ones of out the movies but the ones that are hard, take work, but leave you feeling completely & utterly blown away. 

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