March 29, 2019

A Letter to Myself

Dear Elizabeth,

You are about ready to graduate college and you have the whole world ahead of you.  I wish you didn’t rush through college as fast as you did and just enjoyed the season.  While you are scrambling to land a job and move in with RJ, you are in a season that you can’t get back.  Relish in that. Your time will come to play house and get married. Your time will come to get a job that fuels your heart.  Don’t rush. While you long for being an adult you want this season back. You will wish you had less responsibility and more freedom and girl… you will want your summers back.  While you have made a name for yourself in your studies and producing fashion shows, you have a lifetime to be somebody. But while chasing that somebody, don’t loose sight of that joyful girl with big dreams and a heart that is meant to impact the world however big or small… you decide that.

Cherish this season and don’t try to rush RJ into marriage.  He’ll ask you when he’s ready. He’ll do it on his time and it will be the right time.  Enjoy this time. Have fun building a life together and don’t worry so much about what others think.  Know your worth and be okay in your skin because girl… you are beautiful and smart. You have so much to offer this world.  Beyond the surface, you have soul that is deep and heartfelt. You friend, are the kind friend people want to have. You won’t keep all your friends you have today but know they are all there for a reason.  Don’t let that stop you from making memories with them now.

Get out of your own head. Stop wishing for what’s next and live in today.  Coming from 10 year older you…you think too much. While this never really goes away, control it in a way that allows you to be present in your now. Stop trying to impress everyone and focus on that huge heart of yours.  Learn to love yourself so you can give back fully to those around you not the other way around. As your 10 year old self, find your self NOW and don’t wait 10 years later.

Stop trying impress everyone and focus on that huge heart of yours.

Love on your family.  Make memories with them.  As hard as it is and as much work you engross yourself in, make time. They won’t be around forever.  Family and friends matter. And loose the mindset of looking around at what others are doing. That isn’t your path.  You choose your own path. Stop comparing and just be you. Learn yourself. Grow. Make mistakes and let yourself live and be happy.  Not guarded or intimidated but bold personalities and adventures lives. The landscape of social media looks a hell of a lot different than it does today, if you let it, you will be bound by comparison and it will really take a toll on your joy. 10 years from now, You will have money in the bank, a house to call home, and a husband you adore… o and your life will be lit up by the cutest yellow lab. You live a full life and know that while bends and forks will come your way… you will always be better for it.  

Above all, learn to love YOU.  Own it. Your quirks. Don’t mold yourself to other people’s standards no matter who wants you too.  Continue to grow and evolve and be better than you were yesterday… but you don’t have to change who are you deep down.

Take the next 10 years to start impressing yourself and not others.  You 10 year older self will thank you. As your older self, I wish I spent more time in my twenties learning just who I am and less time competing with others to meet social standards or norms.  In the end, you are the one you need to impress. To be someone who you are proud of. You will fall, make mistakes, but you always dust yourself off. Don’t try to buy stuff to impress people you don’t even like. In the end, stuff means nothing.  It is the experiences and the life well lived. The sooner you understand that the better. It is sad but a vicious society when you let stuff consume you to keep up with sally down the street.

Stop being so hard on yourself and overthinking EVERYTHING!  You are an incredible person born to do good things. You put way too much pressure on yourself and sometimes it cripples you.  Breathe. Go to the beach more. And relish in the life you have ahead of you!!

To wrap it up, you are doing just fine.  Don’t rush this life and really soak it in.  You’ll get where you need to go and look back as I am and wish I didn’t wish my NOW away.



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