March 4, 2019

5 Things I absolutely would NOT change about OUR Wedding

To round out this Personal Wedding Series, today, I am sharing 5 Things I ABSOLUTELY would NOT change about our wedding. I have shared things I have learned being married, takeaways from our wedding, and regrets from our day but now I am sharing all that would never be a change.


I think this is a given but I think is bears talking about. I wouldn’t change the guy I married. Sure we have our ups and downs but we are life partners who chose to do this life together. No matter what comes our way, we are in it together.

Doing a First Look

We chose to do a first look and it was a no brainer for me as wedding photographer. Not just for the images but for the butterflies to go away. I was a very relaxed bride but it is a day that carried a lot of overwhelm and anticipation. Doing a first look alleviated some of this for us. It also aloud us to take a deep breath and be us. RJ and his goofiness would whisper the most inappropriate things as he saw me for the first time. While not what the romance I dreamed up, I didn’t marry a romantic guy and certainly wasn’t surprised lol!! The first look allowed us to switch up where some of our images were taken and allowed us to get a lot of our pictures done before the ceremony. This gave us time to enjoy our guests, the oyster bar, and time to not stress about cramming so many must have pictures into a short time.

Having a spiritual and meaningful ceremony performed by my best friend’s Dad.

We are very religious but I consider myself spiritual in a different way. I take deep meaning into life whatever that looks like. Spiritual in the sense of relationships matter to me, connection and conversations are sacred. While some were upset that our ceremony was religious it was perfect for us. My best friend’s dad married us. A retired judge who means the world to me performed the most beautiful ceremony. It was filled with love, spirit, humor, and the most beautiful words of advice. It meant way more to me to have someone who has shaped my life to marry us than anything else. We knew we wanted Brad to marry us as we planned our big day and I wouldn’t change anything from our ceremony at all. It was perfect!


Our venue was absolutely perfect. It sits on the Chesapeake Bay with the most epic sunsets. But the food ya’ll. Oyster Farm, AQUA at the time, is known for the food. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me that we had the best food they have ever had a wedding. Food was super important to my mom and us. They certainly did not disappoint. In fact, we go get somethings on our menu when we can.

Writing our own Vows.

We wrote our own vows and knew the importance they are. We each had our own take on the importance of marriage. We each had a secure way of delivering them (it was super windy) so I had a cute card stock card and I adorned it with a starfish. My husband stapled his loose lead paper to a beer box to avoid the wind. Complete opposites we are (detailed oriented and so practical). While there are things I wish I would have included, I would never change the fact that we took the time to think about what marriage meant to us and we meant to each other.

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