February 11, 2019

5 Take Aways from our Wedding Day

It’s less about the details and more about the people

As brides, we put so much thought in to the esthetics of the wedding day. What the environment will feel like and look like. How much the details will reflect our relationship. How pretty it will all be. And how it will compare to our vision, pinterst overload, and other weddings we have been to. With the overwhelm of weddings these days, it is easy to get lost in the details. But looking back on our day, the details were pretty and impactful, but the people who were there to celebrate with us mattered more. Likely the last time all the people we love will be under one roof. The people who shaped us individually and together as a couple are the ones who got us to where we were. They are the people that cheered us on, supported us, and taught us so much. These people matter far more about the pretty centerpieces. Make the experience for them more of a priority that the prettiness of the day. Make a point to spend time with them. Dance with them. Consider those who mean the most and make a point to get a picture with them. The pictures we look at most from our wedding aside from the ones of us, are the ones with our people.

Trends change and while I’d love to change a few things, the things I wouldn’t change are the things that matter most…

Pinterst was just beginning and the majority of our day was my own vision. But as new inspiration happened, things slightly adjusted. As a wedding photographer, I see so much now that our wedding has long pasted that would be so cool to incorporate (insert wild unstructured florals), but the heart and soul to our day I would never change. The people, our promises, the feels. Those stay. Those matter most.

There is so much to life after your wedding day

So much effort goes into planning a wedding. ONE DAY. It is a beautiful start to your marriage. A celebration with your favorite people, celebrating promises, dancing and heartfelt toasts. But friends, it is ONE Day. What is you strived for a more beautiful marriage than just a wedding day. Embrace the life after the wedding and think about that more than the one day that is just the beginning.

I wish I continued to care more about myself as much I as I did leading up to my wedding day

For the months leading up to my wedding day, I was obsessive about what I put into my body and I worked out far more than I ever did before. I put myself as a priority to look and feel my best on my wedding day. But you know what happened? I essentially worked so hard for that one day and let it go after we were said I do. A lifestyle I couldn’t maintain and I forgot how to take care of myself. I gained 30 lbs since our wedding day in 5 years. I stopped putting myself first. What if we stopped chasing our best selves for an event or end game, and chased after our best selves everyday.

You won’t please everyone and that is okay.

Weddings involve a lot of decisions. A lot of considerations. And a lot of money. As in life, there is no way to please everyone. Not everyone can be invited. Not everyone will be happy with the food, the weather, the napkin they got. In a society where everyone has an opinion, someone will be upset with you or roll their eyes because they would have done something differently. Our seating chart somehow got all messed up. People were sitting with people they shouldn’t have. Some were unhappy and some rolled with it. The weather was windier than expected and there were a lot of complaints about pictures outside. But you know what, you just have to roll with it and not get wrapped up in negativity. Because just like negativity in the work place is toxic, it is toxic on your wedding day/weekend. With the amount of people involved on a wedding day, you just won’t be able to please everyone. And that is okay!!
As you plan your day, take these nuggets for what they are worth, my take aways from our wedding day. Every wedding is different and make priorities that suit the two of your best. Toss the judgement, opinions, overwhelm of inspiration aside. You May like last week’s installment! 5 things we have learned being married!
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