January 3, 2019

2018 Elizabeth Friske Photography Behind The Scenes

2018 Elizabeth Friske Photography Behind The Scenes

As we are already 4 days into the New Year, I am diving into and reflecting on 2018. I love this time to look back at all the incredible weddings I was lucky to be a part of. So over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from the past years weddings, engagements/anniversaries, and other images I shot during 2018. But today, is just a fun behind the scenes look into me shooting and a few weird captures of me being bossy, doing my thing and shooting in bushes!

Since I am a Coastal Virginia Wedding photographer, it is no surprise that I am likely covered in sand at some point during a wedding. I am surprised this post is so popular but it is always fun to see the bloopers right?? Even if these are the most flattering images!

Thank you to the incredible couples who let me into their wedding days and the top notch vendors who I had the honor of working beside!!! What a great year!

Enjoy pals!

Apparently I like shooting in bushes… just wait!
Handsome hubs getting the perfect dress placement!
Crouching tiger!!
I like to talk with my hands!
Dress fluffer
Got to get the shoes!
I’m pretty sure Bri was singing her own version of Taylor Swift at this moment!
Gibby Visuals
Justin doing his thing!
Super Bossy here!
Jess is so adorable!!
I am all things on a wedding day!! LOL!
Jess cutting the ribbon for Katelyn to come down the aisle
Family formals!
Bridesmaid’s faces!!!!
Boutonnière putter oner
I spy!!
Another blooper of Jess!! This makes me smile!

Some photo credits go out to Jessica Ryan Photography Brianna Christine Photography, Carrie Michelle Photography and my handsome hubby!

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