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2017 Behind the Scenes


2017 Behind the Scenes

Elizabeth Friske Photography

These posts are always fun! Looking back at the year, I am grateful for the couples who trusted me in capturing their wedding days.  We often don’t look at the behind the scenes, sand covered, hot mess express of what it looks like to be a wedding photographer.  I will tell you right now, I may look put together at the beginning of the day but make it to the ceremony, I look a bit disheveled.

Here is a look back at the weddings from this year from the other side of the camera.  Yikes! These are the images you don’t see often but may you should see more despite what I think of them lol!  It isn’t often I get images of me during weddings so I need to make a point more to get them taken.  They make for fun blog posts like this one!

I get kind of giddy behind the camera. 

Ya know… styling in the bathroom.  Classy! 

I’ve become quite good at putting the boutonnieres on this year! 

Bat wings!! 

Now here a few fun ones with my couples and or brides! 

Hubby looking fierce while I test light. 

Sometimes I shoot weddings where my family attends!!

And points at me while killing it on the dance floor! 

And then I dance with my brides…

Hot mess express! 


Looking forward to more awkward moments of me in 2018 doing what I love!

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